Heather Rome, Formerly of DAI – Building a Culture of Collaboration

Heather Rome is a natural leader with a talent for helping groups of people to focus on their individual goals, while also ensuring that they are able to collaborate with one another to reach a shared objective. This is one of the many qualities she implemented at DAI and she has the following tips to share.

Heather Rome DAI

Be Understood

If team members are unaware of the objectives towards which they are working, they will soon begin to lose focus and perhaps even start bickering amongst themselves. Make sure that everybody knows the milestones they need to achieve and the priority that is placed on each one. This will allow them to make better use of their individual talents to achieve the collective goals.

Foster Friendship

Team members are more likely to be happy working together when they enjoy each other’s company. Encourage interaction outside the workplace by organizing the occasional lunch. By forming friendships outside the office, each member of the team will feel more comfortable with each other when sharing ideas or offering constructive criticism.


As a project leader, be sure to hold team meetings and listen to all suggestions and feedback. Publically acknowledge each individual’s skill set and contributions, and organize workloads accordingly.


Encourage the team to work together towards the shared goal by balancing group tasks with individual tasks to enable those who prefer a more individual workspace to feel comfortable, while still having access to the group as a whole.

Heather Rome, formerly of Development Alternatives, Inc., (DAI) is a project management professional and understands the numerous benefits of a collaborative team work environment.