Heather Rome, Formerly of DAI – Traveling Light

During her time with DAI, Heather Rome found that she was required to travel on a regular basis. She learned how to pack everything she required to do her job while keeping things lightweight. Here are a few tips that she encourages people to keep in mind when packing.

Heather Rome DAI

A Small Case

The theory behind this tip is fairly simple, as the smaller your case, the less you will be able to take with you. This means that you will have to prioritize, only taking the things that you really need. Of course, you also get the added advantage of traveling with less weight than you would have with a larger case.

Take Detergent

Instead of packing multiple outfits, try only packing a few reusable items and taking some detergent so that you can wash them at your hotel. You may even prefer to purchase some detergent when you arrive at your destination.


Be very particular with your shoe selection. Ideally you should have one pair for leisure and one pair for the office. Wear your leisure shoes on the plane, so that you only have to pack the one pair that you need for the office. Consider bringing some shoe polish so that you can keep office shoes looking great throughout the duration of your trip.

Light Clothes

Packing light clothing is recommended, particularly as clothing can be layered to accommodate changing climates. Clothing made from cotton, linen and merino wool are all excellent choices and won’t leave you feeling bogged down.

Heather Rome DAI is an experienced international traveler and businesswoman who has worked for global corporations such as Development Alternatives, Inc. (DAI), and recommends packing and traveling light during your next international adventure.