Heather Rome, Previously of Development Alternatives Inc. (DAI) – Creating a Peaceful Workday

Heather Rome, previously of Development Alternatives Inc. (DAI), is one of many professionals who lead busy lives. The following tips will help you create a more peaceful workday:

Heather Rome DAI

  • Create a daily morning routine that you can maintain at home and on travel. Your morning routine might include quiet reading time, exercise, or another activity that you find relaxing. Following your daily morning routine will start your day on the right foot, even if you are traveling or handling a particularly busy workweek.
  • Create a calming evening routine that you can also consistently maintain on a daily basis. Your evening routine might include getting clothing ready for the next day, writing in a journal or stretching. Whatever you choose should help you to both mentally relax and prepare for the next day. This will help slow your mind so it is easier to obtain quality sleep and release the day’s accumulated stress.
  • Use a daily planner to help ensure that you do not double-book appointments. Daily planners also serve as a record of your endeavors that is easily accessible if you need to know the time and date of a meeting or appointment several months after it took place.
  • Reduce your daily commitments. Write down your daily commitments for a seven-day span and then consider what is absolutely necessary. Prioritize events and eliminate those that are nonessential.

When Heather Rome DAI worked with DAI and managed a large portfolio with a variety of responsibilities, she was busy, but calm. Her calm demeanor and disposition were commended by many, and led to the construction of a practical workday with prioritized tasks.