Heather Rome, Previously of Development Alternatives Inc. (DAI): Why Pack Light?

Traveling abroad is nothing new for seasoned international professionals like Heather Rome, previously of Development Alternatives Inc. (DAI). One of the most common tips that experienced travelers have is to pack light. Whether traveling for business or vacation, packing light makes international travel flow more smoothly.  Some of the most common benefits are listed below:

Packing light is less expensive. Modern airlines charge excess baggage fees, and the less you pack, the less likely you will have to pay these excess fees.  Check with your airline to determine what they consider excess baggage and pack accordingly.

Packing light saves time. If you can fit everything into a carry-on, you will avoid time spent in luggage lines, baggage claim, and customs. This also greatly reduces the risk of lost luggage.

Packing light makes the return trip easier. When you are ready to come home, it will be easier to re-pack your minimal inventory. Dealing with stuffed, messy luggage is not the way to start a stress-free return trip.

Packing light allows you to bring home souvenirs, as you will inevitably see a few things you would like to buy when exploring a new environment.  If you pack light, this will not be a problem. One trick that experienced travelers use is to pack an empty suitcase in their outbound carry-on, fill the suitcase with souvenirs, and check it as luggage on the way home.

Heather Rome DAI traveled to the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe during her time with DAI. After traveling to even half of the countries that Rome has, you will figure out exactly how light you can pack and still travel comfortably.