Learning a Second Language Promoted by International Professional Heather Rome, Former Project Director of Operations at DAI

Heather Rome is an international business professional who has traveled extensively for Development Alternatives Inc. (DAI) and other organizations and encourages learning a second language. She herself is fluent in both Spanish and English and knows firsthand the benefits of being bilingual. With more than 7,000 languages worldwide, learning a second language offers multiple benefits, including increased business opportunities. For example, if you know the language of the country that you wish to visit, speaking the language could ease enhanced communication when conducting business. It could also contribute to more enjoyable leisure experiences by providing you the skills needed to readily converse with new acquaintances and learn unique insights about local sites and adventures.

Heather Rome DAI

Modern businesses are also increasingly internationally minded, and studies have found that some companies are more and more looking for bilingual employees, and are even likely to pay higher salaries for this added skill set. Accordingly, searching for jobs as a bilingual applicant can be more productive, especially if one is looking for a company that currently has or plans to have global business transactions.

Learning languages can also help strengthen one’s brain and improve creative thinking. Medical studies have even noted that people who learn at least one additional language tend to have healthier brains, better memories, and faster recall. Additionally, being bilingual is a useful skill with the benefits of lifelong application, as Heather Rome has met with success in her travels with all organizations, including Development Alternatives, Inc. (DAI), and applies her bilingual skills in professional business settings whenever possible.


Recognizing and Embodying the Importance of Integrity is Long Time Business Professional Heather Rome, Formerly of DAI

There is no doubt that Heather Rome DAI is a successful professional in her line of work. Through her years of studies, experience, and as a deputy director for Development Alternatives Incorporated (DAI), Heather Rome knows that integrity is the foundation of any responsibility. Integrity is the unmatched quality of being sincere and trustworthy in all endeavors. In business practice the main underlying theme of integrity is the presence of moral or ethical principles and honest procedures. While there may have been people or businesses that have succeeded without following the highest level of integrity, they have done so at the cost of losing the ability to be trusted by their counterparts and others around them, as well as the possible opportunity of future business transactions.

Heather Rome DAI

Integrity is extremely important for business transactions because an individual with integrity will never compromise their business ethics. This leads to greater trust and makes for a more comfortable work environment. As a leader, one of the most, if not the most important, aspects of having integrity is the opportunity to lead by example, including a greater willingness to listen to opinions and suggestions on daily project progress as well as possible adaptations needed in the work environment.

Entrepreneur, Amy Anderson, has summarized her analysis of integrity in one statement: “Success will come and go, but integrity is forever.” Daily integrity is especially essential for business interactions and crucial for success; and since we all want success in business transactions, integrity can never be forgotten or treated as a side option.

On Sustainable Global Development, Long Time International Professional Heather Rome, formerly of DAI

Living in a world where more than one and a half billion people live under the poverty line, it can be difficult to decrease levels of poverty and increase the distribution of economic income. There can also be many roadblocks associated with implementing sustainable global development, according to Heather Rome, formerly of Development Alternatives Incorporated (DAI). While humanitarian aid and disaster relief are meant to deliver short-term assistance in times of unforeseen emergencies and catastrophic natural disasters, global development is aimed at delivering long-term and sustainable economic solutions for income generation and stabilization.

Heather Rome DAI
Heather Rome DAI

Some of the development challenges faced by the underdeveloped nations in our world include internal political conflict or a close proximity to warring external nations. Other nations must compensate for limited natural resources, geographic barriers, or climate challenges. A variety of statistics are often reviewed to categorize the level of global development need, including the gross domestic product of a nation, the average per-capita income, literacy rates, and infant mortality rates.  Existing information on population growth, such as life expectancy, human rights and political freedoms, are also evaluated. Studies show that successful global development is not only a matter of creating sustainable economic solutions, but also implementing them in accordance with the area’s cultural and social norms.

Heather Rome saw firsthand, through her global work with DAI, some of the daily challenges faced by underdeveloped nations and their populations.  Her efforts, initiatives, and compassion to help provide opportunities, innovative solutions, and a higher quality of life in the global arena have earned much respect and renown throughout the development and business communities.