Recognizing and Embodying the Importance of Integrity is Long Time Business Professional Heather Rome, Formerly of DAI

There is no doubt that Heather Rome DAI is a successful professional in her line of work. Through her years of studies, experience, and as a deputy director for Development Alternatives Incorporated (DAI), Heather Rome knows that integrity is the foundation of any responsibility. Integrity is the unmatched quality of being sincere and trustworthy in all endeavors. In business practice the main underlying theme of integrity is the presence of moral or ethical principles and honest procedures. While there may have been people or businesses that have succeeded without following the highest level of integrity, they have done so at the cost of losing the ability to be trusted by their counterparts and others around them, as well as the possible opportunity of future business transactions.

Heather Rome DAI

Integrity is extremely important for business transactions because an individual with integrity will never compromise their business ethics. This leads to greater trust and makes for a more comfortable work environment. As a leader, one of the most, if not the most important, aspects of having integrity is the opportunity to lead by example, including a greater willingness to listen to opinions and suggestions on daily project progress as well as possible adaptations needed in the work environment.

Entrepreneur, Amy Anderson, has summarized her analysis of integrity in one statement: “Success will come and go, but integrity is forever.” Daily integrity is especially essential for business interactions and crucial for success; and since we all want success in business transactions, integrity can never be forgotten or treated as a side option.