Workings of Global Institutions Followed by Previous DAI Project Director of Operations, Heather Rome

After spending many years implementing development relief and economic growth with Development Alternatives Incorporated (DAI), Heather Rome became a stronger supporter of global institutions like the World Bank Group. This international group is a global partnership of five institutions that are managed by their member countries. It has a unique financial banking platform whose goal is to provide financial assistance and to support economic growth of the developing world.

Heather Rome DAI

The World Bank Group has set impressive goals for the near future. They are implementing initiatives with the goal that by the year 2030 there will be an end to extreme poverty and an overall increase in daily income for the lowest forty percent earners in every country.

To do this, the World Bank Group and its members also partner with other financial institutions around the globe to evaluate and provide growth opportunities for developing countries. Terms such as low interest loans, grants, and zero interest credits are assessed and administered according to the economic needs of the developing country.

Connecting a growing nation with financial opportunities is not the only way the World Bank Group makes a difference. They also assess the daily social needs and provide countries and its citizens with access to increased technologies and education that may not have been previously available. After her years with DAI, Heather Rome DAI knows how important these efforts can be when implementing sustainable economic development initiatives around the world. The World Bank Group was created in 1944, and has since grown to include thousands of employees and over one hundred international offices. The main branch of the World Bank is found in Washington D.C.