Heather Rome, Formerly of DAI – Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle in the Corporate World

Heather Rome, who has global experience with Development Alternatives Incorporated (DAI) and beyond, knows just how hard it can be to balance a healthy lifestyle while working in the corporate world. This busy lifestyle often comes with considerable challenges, including long working hours and inconsistent travel schedules, along with what is quite possibly the biggest challenge of them all; stress management. While it is not impossible to follow a dietary and exercising regimen while working in an intense environment, it does require careful planning.

Heather Rome DAI


Diet is one of the biggest factors in living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. With an inconsistent schedule, it is very important to have healthy food alternatives available in the office. Maintaining a personal drawer or shelf filled with quick protein based nutrition is essential. If you are even more serious about living healthy while meeting with success in the corporate world, packing your lunch and avoiding coffee are some of the most important things that you can do on a daily basis. Instead of caffeine and sugar, aim for herbal teas and fruit.


In order to maintain a healthy body, having a gym membership is beneficial. A membership with a daily class schedule and group workouts is more motivating than the idea of home exercising. When you have a membership at a gym, it means that you have already made a financial commitment, which adds another important incentive for you to exercise. Hiring a professional who can help train with you is also an additional motivating factor.

Heather Rome DAI, with international DAI experience, is an avid health enthusiast who encourages others to also follow a healthy diet and lifestyle.




Heather Rome, Formerly of DAI – Leadership Skills Required for Corporate Sustainability

Heather Rome, formerly of DAI, understands what it takes to develop and provide leadership qualities that help a company achieve its goals in a competitive environment. Those who obtain the opportunity to showcase their skills in a similar role must understand that the ability to lead corporate responsibility (CR) is key to achieving sustainable success. If you want to be successful in spearheading CR initiatives, you must demonstrate certain traits.

Heather Rome DAI

Be Flexible

CR involves literally every issue that a company may encounter, which means that you may often have to quickly engage in new topics that you do not necessarily know much about. This requires a speedy on-the-spot education, rapid analysis, and the ability to be flexible with your expectations and how you go about meeting those expectations.

Remember Your Core Values

While successful CR leadership requires you to demonstrate the kind of evolution that involves a very steep learning curve, it is of utmost importance to always remember your core values as well as those of the corporation you represent. Whether you were previously a marketing expert or held a scientific role, embrace your past experiences and let them be your guiding compass in handling potentially sensitive issues related to corporate responsibility.

Influence Others

A professional holding a corporate responsibility leadership role must learn to become an exceptional verbal and written communicator. He or she needs to be able to clearly communicate a new set of facts and encourage others to make the right decisions for the corporation, often without any actual authority or control. Clear communication makes a potentially challenging process significantly easier, and allows for more rewarding outcomes.

Heather Rome DAI, formerly of DAI, understands what it takes to implement change management and clearly communicate new information as needed for greater overall success while respecting both employee and corporate responsibilities.

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