Heather Rome, Formerly of DAI – Characteristics of a Positive Work Environment

As a leader who has had considerable decision-making power while working with international conglomerates, Heather Rome DAI, with experience at DAI and beyond, consistently strives to create a positive impact on work environments. The influencing factors often include the culture of the organization, the physical characteristics of the building, and even the condition of the office equipment, but what ultimately contributes to a company’s positive work environment and resulting business success is quite simply the people and their daily interactions with one another.

Heather Rome DAI

It’s an Open Discussion
It’s very important that an employee feels that they can offer their opinion without being shut-down by others. An employee who feels respected and valued knows that their opinion is important, not only because it is beneficial for the company goals, but also because these human interactions are what create good morale.

Giving and Taking
Hierarchy is a part of the workplace environment, yet collaboration is a two-way street. If the employee works well, they earn respect and financial compensation, and in return, they offer their best on a daily basis. Likewise, when the boss is approachable, they earn the respect and diligence of their team. When there is a mutual respect, everything – including the organization – works better and achieves greater goals.

Throughout her career Heather Rome, formerly of DAI, has created work environments where employees and leaders earned mutual respect by creating open communication, and a strong professional bond between all members of the team. In this type of respectful environment, it is much easier to do well on a daily basis and to meet with more overall success.



Heather Rome, Formerly of DAI – Running Effective Meetings

Heather Rome, formerly of DAI, has seen her fair share of meetings during her professional life, many of which she organizes herself. If you are ever in a position where you have the opportunity to organize a corporate assembly, below are some guidelines.

Heather Rome DAI

Have a Clear Objective

It is very important that everybody in a meeting understand the objective, and for that to happen, the meeting must have a clearly defined purpose. Before you invite attendees, ask yourself what you – and the company – wish to accomplish during the meeting. Once you know your desired goal, build an outline around it, and selectively invite the necessary people to make sure the objective is clearly communicated and understood.

Follow an Agenda

Create a detailed agenda and stick to it. It may help if you itemize the steps, and assign a predetermined number of minutes to the different items on your list. This will help to more accurately estimate their duration and respectfully utilize everyone’s time. Once the detailed agenda is ready, send it to the people who will be present in the meeting to allow them the opportunity to more efficiently prepare for the meeting.

Don’t Let Anybody Steal the Show, So to Speak

Nothing sidetracks a meeting faster than somebody talking too much about something that could be handled in significantly less time. When that happens, it inadvertently leads to one of two things: the meeting will either be longer than anticipated, or you won’t be able to cover everything. Either scenario is a bad one, so make sure you avoid the problem and start and finish on time.

Heather Rome DAI has considerable experience orchestrating meetings in many domestic and international locations.



Heather Rome, Formerly of DAI – Benefits of Traveling

Heather Rome, formerly of DAI, is an avid traveler who likes to explore other countries, regions, and cultures. During her career she has had the opportunity to travel to as many as four continents. If you also caught the travel bug, you might be pleased to know that traveling offers far more interesting benefits than you may think.

Heather Rome DAI

New Purpose

It might be a cliché, but traveling often gives you a new perspective, and sometimes even a new purpose. As you travel, you are exposed to new stimuli; you also often meet new people and experience different cultures in a way that would be impossible to fully experience through studying or reading. By being physically there, you open yourself to new possibilities, and that’s often only the beginning.

You Gain Appreciation for Yourself

When you are away from home, you often come to appreciate its attributes and surroundings more than you did before. When you visit a new place you may also gain a greater appreciation for your personal strengths, choices and decisions.

You Realize How Little You Knew

Lexical knowledge is a great thing, but while you are traveling, you use all five of your senses and often realize how little you actually know about a region. Through new experiences, the world can be a very different place compared to the picture that’s in your mind.

Heather Rome, formerly of DAI, enjoys traveling for a variety of reasons, including relaxation, but also for personal edification and a broadening of horizons.