Learning a Second Language Promoted by International Professional Heather Rome, Former Project Director of Operations at DAI

Heather Rome is an international business professional who has traveled extensively for Development Alternatives Inc. (DAI) and other organizations and encourages learning a second language. She herself is fluent in both Spanish and English and knows firsthand the benefits of being bilingual. With more than 7,000 languages worldwide, learning a second language offers multiple benefits, including increased business opportunities. For example, if you know the language of the country that you wish to visit, speaking the language could ease enhanced communication when conducting business. It could also contribute to more enjoyable leisure experiences by providing you the skills needed to readily converse with new acquaintances and learn unique insights about local sites and adventures.

Heather Rome DAI

Modern businesses are also increasingly internationally minded, and studies have found that some companies are more and more looking for bilingual employees, and are even likely to pay higher salaries for this added skill set. Accordingly, searching for jobs as a bilingual applicant can be more productive, especially if one is looking for a company that currently has or plans to have global business transactions.

Learning languages can also help strengthen one’s brain and improve creative thinking. Medical studies have even noted that people who learn at least one additional language tend to have healthier brains, better memories, and faster recall. Additionally, being bilingual is a useful skill with the benefits of lifelong application, as Heather Rome has met with success in her travels with all organizations, including Development Alternatives, Inc. (DAI), and applies her bilingual skills in professional business settings whenever possible.