Heather Rome, Formerly of DAI – Characteristics of a Positive Work Environment

As a leader who has had considerable decision-making power while working with international conglomerates, Heather Rome DAI, with experience at DAI and beyond, consistently strives to create a positive impact on work environments. The influencing factors often include the culture of the organization, the physical characteristics of the building, and even the condition of the office equipment, but what ultimately contributes to a company’s positive work environment and resulting business success is quite simply the people and their daily interactions with one another.

Heather Rome DAI

It’s an Open Discussion
It’s very important that an employee feels that they can offer their opinion without being shut-down by others. An employee who feels respected and valued knows that their opinion is important, not only because it is beneficial for the company goals, but also because these human interactions are what create good morale.

Giving and Taking
Hierarchy is a part of the workplace environment, yet collaboration is a two-way street. If the employee works well, they earn respect and financial compensation, and in return, they offer their best on a daily basis. Likewise, when the boss is approachable, they earn the respect and diligence of their team. When there is a mutual respect, everything – including the organization – works better and achieves greater goals.

Throughout her career Heather Rome, formerly of DAI, has created work environments where employees and leaders earned mutual respect by creating open communication, and a strong professional bond between all members of the team. In this type of respectful environment, it is much easier to do well on a daily basis and to meet with more overall success.



Heather Rome, Formerly of DAI – Making Time for Leisure Reading with a Busy Career

Heather Rome DAI has worked with a number of large companies including Development Alternatives Inc. (DAI). Her career keeps her consistently busy. Though you might assume that this leaves no time for leisure reading, Rome frequently finds moments to indulge her love of books.

.Heather Rome DAI

If you work in any position that keeps you just as busy as Heather Rome during her positions at DAI, and would like to increase the amount of leisure reading, the tips below could help:

Read for Yourself – Attempting to read books based on a list of “Must Reads” can dampen your desire to make time for the activity. Read books that interest you based on your personal preferences to increase your motivation to make time for them.  A book series often spurs greater interest.

Read Across All Devices – If you keep the book(s) you are reading downloaded on all of your devices, you will be more likely to have time for them. For example, if you are waiting in line for your daily coffee, you can read a page or two of your current book on your mobile phone.

Read Before Bed – Creating the ritual of reading before bed can make it easier to both fall asleep and complete your book list. Even if you’re only able to enjoy two pages before dozing off, your nightly habit will make an impact in your average reading time.

While making time to read is an enjoyable pastime, it also offers a number of health benefits that keep professionals like Heather Rome enthusiastic regardless of busy positions for companies such as DAI.

Heather Rome, Formerly of DAI – Creating an Ergonomic Office

Heather Rome, formerly of DAI (Development Alternatives Inc.), is an international businesswoman with years of experience in various organizations around the globe. During her tenure as a professional, she has worked in a number of office settings, handling duties ranging from project management to leadership training.

No matter where you work, if you spend daily time in an office setting, like Heather Rome in DAI locations, the ergonomics of your work environment may have a big impact on your health. Setting up a healthy, ergonomic workspace space may keep your body injury-free and comfortable, regardless of your profession.

Heather Rome DAI

The following four categories are focal points in office ergonomic design:

  • The Chair – An ergonomic office chair doesn’t need to cost hundreds of dollars, but it does need to have a comfortable cushion, an adjustable seat height, lumbar support, an adjustable back rest height, arm rests and the ability to swivel. When you consider the price of a new chair, or chair upgrades like cushions and lumbar supports, think about how many hours of your day you are likely to spend in your chair. The longer you are sitting in your office chair, the more of an impact it may have on your health.
  • The Desk – Your desk setup is integral to a healthy office design. Start by placing your mouse and keyboard as close together as possible, at waist height. The monitor should be at eye level and glare-free, both of which can be achieved with an adjustable or do-it-yourself monitor stand.
  • The Posture – Even the most ergonomically-designed workstation may become unhealthy if you do not use good posture. You must be mindful of your body so that you do not slouch and you keep your elbows close to your body, bent at a 90-degree angle. Also, your shoulders and back should be relaxed, never tense or strained.
  • The Habits – By combining an ergonomic setup with proper posture and quality habits, you may prevent many of the issues associated with stationary jobs. Prevent eye strain and keep your body moving by taking regular breaks away from your computer screen; stretching or walking is a healthy practice during breaks. Also, consider programs designed to automatically adjust the brightness of your computer screen, which are beneficial if you tend to spend long hours at your computer desk or if you tend to work late in the changing light.

Whether you’re working as a Project Manager with a global organization like DAI, as Heather Rome DAI has, or you’re working for a small start-up, the above tips can help you to ergonomically organize your daily workspace for the better. Many workplaces will pay to ergonomically-upgrade employee offices, if asked, but if you can’t implement your plan all at once, make small, regular changes to slowly remake your daily work environment.


Former DAI Professional Heather Rome on Fighting Jet Lag

Jet lag is a condition that former Development Alternatives Inc. (DAI) professional Heather Rome DAI has experienced at many points throughout her varied career. Rome has traveled around the world, visited dozens of countries, and experienced her fair share of jet lag. Here are a few tips that will help other business professionals in coping with jet lag.

Heather Rome Development Alternatives Inc

  • Jet lag occurs when a person who is traveling crosses one or more time zones. This change in time and routine causes the body to have to adjust to the new setting. The more time zones a traveler crosses, the harder the jet lag is to overcome.
  • Jet lag will affect all aspects of a person’s sleeping cycle. It can make travelers excessively tired during the day and unable to sleep at night. Dealing with jet lag is especially important for business travelers, as they need to be as rested and alert as possible while conducting their business dealings.
  • Business travelers who have knowledge of their impending trip should try to adjust to the new time zone before leaving embarking on their travels. This may mean staying up later at night and sleeping in longer for a few days. Adjusting before travel is the easiest way to ensure a person is rested and refreshed while abroad.
  • As the body adjusts to the new time zone, it is important to stay hydrated. Formerly of DAI, Heather Rome makes sure to drink plenty of water when she travels internationally for business or leisure.

Heather Rome, Formerly of DAI, and Asian Business Etiquette

Throughout her lengthy international career with Development Alternatives Inc. (DAI) and beyond, professional Heather Rome has had the opportunity to conduct business in Asia on multiple occasions. Her short-term assignments in the continent have taught her that business dealings in China, for example, require a specific set of etiquette standards. For international business professionals who plan to work in China, the following facts should be understood.

Heather Rome DAI

  • When dressing for a business meeting in China, staying conservative is the key to not offending others. A person does not have to always wear formal attire, but business professional clothing is suggested. Women should refrain from showing too much skin, especially on the arms and legs. Men will find better acceptance if they wear business suits in dark colors.
  • There are many strict observances in China related to the business realm. However, Chinese professionals are aware of their cultural protocols and do not expect consummate perfection from outsiders. However, international business professionals who respect these customs and make an effort to implement them, even if they make a mistake, are often better received by the business community.
  • Personal relationships are important in the Chinese business culture. For someone who has never had business dealings in the country, being introduced through a mutual third party is very helpful. This provides the new business colleague a reference point via someone they already personally trust.
  • Lastly, Asian business practices are very fond of timely correspondence. To maintain a good working relationship with Asian businesses, make sure to correspond with them regularly. This level of cultural awareness and respect implemented during Heather Rome’s travels with DAI and beyond contributed to greater business success throughout Asia


Heather Rome, Formerly of DAI – Standing Out in Your Occupation

Heather Rome, formerly of DAI (Development Alternatives Inc.), is an accomplished businesswoman who has stood out in each of her professional positions. For example, within DAI and other companies, Heather Rome received various promotions and respected positions by carefully and diplomatically managing professional image. You can do the same by applying methods like those below:

Heather Rome DAI

Help Your Colleagues – Even though you have your own tasks, helping your colleagues shows drive and kindness, both of which are desirable traits for leadership and management positions. If your peers need help, do what you can, when you can, to help them. This will earn you a positive reputation in all levels of your workplace as well as increase your professional knowledge base.

Stay Neutral – Most offices deal with internal conflict, and it can be hard to not get involved, but neutrality is often the best approach. You don’t want to get mixed up in cliques or workplace spats. Maintain careful neutrality and keep your workplace interactions professional.

Be Yourself – Being neutral and helpful is important, but so is being yourself. Show positive personal traits at work when appropriate and do not be afraid to stay true to who you are. This demonstrates confidence and leadership as well as individuality.

Heather Rome DAI has enjoyed each of her positions in companies like DAI and stood out by consistently performing her duties with exceptional results. By exhibiting high levels of professional collegiality you too will likely see your professional endeavors stand out and meet with success.


Recognizing and Embodying the Importance of Integrity is Long Time Business Professional Heather Rome, Formerly of DAI

There is no doubt that Heather Rome DAI is a successful professional in her line of work. Through her years of studies, experience, and as a deputy director for Development Alternatives Incorporated (DAI), Heather Rome knows that integrity is the foundation of any responsibility. Integrity is the unmatched quality of being sincere and trustworthy in all endeavors. In business practice the main underlying theme of integrity is the presence of moral or ethical principles and honest procedures. While there may have been people or businesses that have succeeded without following the highest level of integrity, they have done so at the cost of losing the ability to be trusted by their counterparts and others around them, as well as the possible opportunity of future business transactions.

Heather Rome DAI

Integrity is extremely important for business transactions because an individual with integrity will never compromise their business ethics. This leads to greater trust and makes for a more comfortable work environment. As a leader, one of the most, if not the most important, aspects of having integrity is the opportunity to lead by example, including a greater willingness to listen to opinions and suggestions on daily project progress as well as possible adaptations needed in the work environment.

Entrepreneur, Amy Anderson, has summarized her analysis of integrity in one statement: “Success will come and go, but integrity is forever.” Daily integrity is especially essential for business interactions and crucial for success; and since we all want success in business transactions, integrity can never be forgotten or treated as a side option.