The Long Term Benefits of Ergonomics in the Workplace

Whether your company is heavily involved in manufacturing or bringing in new clients, it can greatly benefit from an investment in ergonomically improved workplace additions. As a business leader, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your employees have the resources they need to be healthy, happy, and productive workers. If you invest in their wellbeing, they will be less inclined to leave after short stints at your company and more inclined to continue to work where they are happy and nurtured, improving efficiency and eliminating costly turnover.

Heather Rome Development Alternatives Inc

Ergonomics is all about creating workplaces for your employees in which they don’t have to place themselves in awkward positions for any unnecessary periods of time. If your workplace happens to be a factory or warehouse, your employees may engage in greater physical labor and the workplace can be designed in such a way to avoid injury. For those in more stationary desk positions, the concern for worker injury centers on repetitive motion and posture often associated with computer terminals. Desks and chairs should be designed to support backs and to make the effects of repetitive motions, like typing, less damaging in the long term.

Heather Rome worked for Development Alternatives, Inc. (DAI) managing offices worldwide and supports ergonomic workplaces.


Establishing a Business in an Emerging Market

Establishing a new business in an emerging market is not easy. However, there are a few principles that all businesses do when they are trying to establish themselves in a new and emerging market. These markets today are found in places like Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Africa. Depending on your business product, one of these regions could be more advantageous than another.

Heather Rome Development Alternatives Inc
Heather Rome Development Alternatives Inc

As with any business, it is essential  to have competent management to run the business properly. In foreign markets, you must   have skilled managers who know how to speak the local language and are able to communicate across cultures, as different locations may have different customs and cultural norms to which the business must adhere. If a business is unable to connect with the local populace on a basic level, it is doomed from the start. The foundation of any business, but especially in an emerging market situation, is a basic understanding of local consumer preference and environmental norms.

Heather Rome,  of Development Alternatives, Inc. (DAI), is an international business professional with many years of experience connecting with emerging markets and cultural audiences around the globe.

Experience the Many Benefits of International Travel

As the experienced international traveler knows all too well, there is certainly no shortage of possible benefits when it comes to taking part in an international travelling experience. Not only does travel abroad provide the individual the chance to escape from their daily routine, it also allows for what can be an amazingly educational, memorable and even profound experience, one that may forever change the way the person thinks about both the world and their place within it.

Heather Rome Development Alternatives Inc

International travel, for many, is one of the best ways to learn, to experience and to enjoy what the different cultures, countries and peoples of the world have to offer. Some of the primary benefits an international travelling adventure can offer include:


There is little doubt as to the potentially cathartic benefits an international vacation can offer. Not only does the individual enjoy the opportunity to disconnect from the everyday stresses of their daily routine, he/she also enjoys the chance to recharge one’s batteries; to explore new surroundings and reenter their world with a renewed sense of reinvigoration.

Knowledge and Perspective   

International travel, often without question, is one of the best ways to not only broaden one’s global perspective, but also to enhance one’s base of knowledge, particularly when it comes to the many different cultures and peoples with which one shares the world. Face-to-face interaction with new cultures, places and customs can be powerful learning experiences, those that have the potential to last for many years to come.

Lifetime Memories

An international travelling adventure, particularly when experienced alongside family or friends, has the potential to create a lifetime of positive and enduring memories that one may fondly look back upon for decades to come.

Heather Rome Development Alternatives Inc, enjoys the chance to travel to new and unfamiliar international destinations. Heather Rome continues to travel whenever she has the opportunity.

Masters in Global Management

Heather Rome, formerly of Development Alternatives Inc. (DAI), received her Master’s in Global Management from the prestigious Thunderbird School of Global Management. She also studied at the Indiana University Kelley School of Business and graduated with a Master’s in Business Administration. Both degrees, especially the Master’s in Global Management, better equipped her for her career in the international work environment.

Heather Rome Development Alternatives Inc
Heather Rome Development Alternatives Inc

Heather Rome Development Alternatives Inc education at Thunderbird taught her the global management principles necessary to achieve greater success and combined with Rome’s international experience, put her in the unique position of leadership in the modern international marketplace.

If you too desire to be a Global Manager, you will utilize business principles such as strategic management, finance, economics, and language. To enter the field of global management, you have many options. You can start from these various careers:

• Management Analyst
• Financial Manager
• Marketing Manager

With these careers you will gain a background in business and leadership which will put you ahead when you join the field of Global Managing experts.

Heather Rome, formerly of Development Alternatives Inc. – Traveling Abroad

If you are traveling abroad, there are several things you should add to your checklist before boarding the plane. First, consider that it takes quite a few weeks to get a passport if you do not already have one. You will want to check in with your doctor and your insurance carrier and make sure that you have all the proper vaccinations necessary to travel and know how to obtain medical coverage while abroad. This is a great time to renew any essential prescriptions for ailments or medical needs. Also, you may want to look into the local plugs and adapters needed for charging your mobile devices.

Heather Rome Development Alternatives IncBe sure to familiarize yourself with the monetary conversion rates and local currency equivalents. You will always want to carry money in several denominations as not all establishments accept credit card. Take note of the advancements in credit cards as some European banks switched to the more secure chip and pin technology to replace the old outdated magnetic strip cards. Contact your credit card provider and inform them of your travel plans so that your card is not blocked, and recall that there is a usually a foreign transaction fee for using credit cards overseas.

if there are specific places you want to visit, try and buy admission in advance and shop for discounts and other online deals. It also helps to download any apps to your phone beforehand, provided you have an international calling plan. Take the time to study the location of hotspots, festivals, ceremonies, landmarks and even the top local restaurants.

Last but not least, keep in mind that traveling overseas sometimes requires more than one flight and not all flights serve meals. When possible pack light and be aware of the weather and seasonal changes.

Heather Rome Development Alternatives Inc is an international businesswoman who has worked for several global corporations, including Development Alternatives, Inc. (DAI). She has international travel experience in over 30 countries.

International Travel Preparation Tips

Traveling abroad can often be an eye-opening, even life-changing experience. The experience may not only introduce the traveler to a new place, people and culture, but may also have a profoundly transformative impact on one’s global perspective. Every international traveling opportunity, when effectively planned and prepared, has the added potential to become an amazing and inspirational experience for the individual, often leaving an indelible impression on one’s heart, mind and soul.

Heather Rome Development Alternatives Inc
Heather Rome Development Alternatives Inc

There are several steps future travelers can take to ensure a truly exciting and rewarding international adventure.

Comprehensive Itinerary Preparation

Taking the time to carefully plan out and prepare a travel itinerary is essential to getting the most from your next international excursion. Be sure to know which cities, landmarks, restaurants, etc. you would most like to visit during your trip, and plan an itinerary that affords you the opportunity to experience all of them during the course of your journey.

Research the Local Culture

As you begin the planning process, take a little time to research the country, culture, history and customs of your destination. Be sure to know the basics when it comes to local cuisine, holidays, and etiquette and factor that knowledge into each plan you make.

Heather Rome is an experienced world traveler, with professional experiences working for several global corporations, including Development Alternatives, Inc. (DAI). She enjoys the opportunity to visit new people, places and cultures throughout the globe.

Heather Rome, formerly of Development Alternatives Inc. – Academic Expectations

There are several expectations that come with a strong academic background. When working towards earning a Master’s degree or an MBA you will first be evaluated through an application process. This process will review your academic record and require you to provide transcripts from every institution attended to certify that you earned an undergraduate degree.

You will also need to take the graduate management admission tests (GMAT) or the graduate record exam (GRE). Your best scores will be considered as most schools look for a balance of verbal and quantitative abilities. If you are specifically looking to obtain an MBA, then you should know that most applicants have already begun their careers and have a prepared resume. When preparing your resume, remember to include your responsibilities, accomplishments, leadership aptitude, and relevant skills.

Universities also require you to write an essay demonstrating your communication skills, career goals, and leadership experience. Lastly, you will need to identify a manager who can fully endorse your professional performance and growth potential for the requisite letter of recommendation.

Heather Rome Development Alternatives Inc holds an MBA degree from a top tier business school, and a Master’s degree. She has worked for several international companies, including Development Alternatives, Inc. (DAI), with varying management roles.