Heather Rome, Formerly of DAI – Making Time for Leisure Reading with a Busy Career

Heather Rome DAI has worked with a number of large companies including Development Alternatives Inc. (DAI). Her career keeps her consistently busy. Though you might assume that this leaves no time for leisure reading, Rome frequently finds moments to indulge her love of books.

.Heather Rome DAI

If you work in any position that keeps you just as busy as Heather Rome during her positions at DAI, and would like to increase the amount of leisure reading, the tips below could help:

Read for Yourself – Attempting to read books based on a list of “Must Reads” can dampen your desire to make time for the activity. Read books that interest you based on your personal preferences to increase your motivation to make time for them.  A book series often spurs greater interest.

Read Across All Devices – If you keep the book(s) you are reading downloaded on all of your devices, you will be more likely to have time for them. For example, if you are waiting in line for your daily coffee, you can read a page or two of your current book on your mobile phone.

Read Before Bed – Creating the ritual of reading before bed can make it easier to both fall asleep and complete your book list. Even if you’re only able to enjoy two pages before dozing off, your nightly habit will make an impact in your average reading time.

While making time to read is an enjoyable pastime, it also offers a number of health benefits that keep professionals like Heather Rome enthusiastic regardless of busy positions for companies such as DAI.


Former DAI Professional Heather Rome on Fighting Jet Lag

Jet lag is a condition that former Development Alternatives Inc. (DAI) professional Heather Rome DAI has experienced at many points throughout her varied career. Rome has traveled around the world, visited dozens of countries, and experienced her fair share of jet lag. Here are a few tips that will help other business professionals in coping with jet lag.

Heather Rome Development Alternatives Inc

  • Jet lag occurs when a person who is traveling crosses one or more time zones. This change in time and routine causes the body to have to adjust to the new setting. The more time zones a traveler crosses, the harder the jet lag is to overcome.
  • Jet lag will affect all aspects of a person’s sleeping cycle. It can make travelers excessively tired during the day and unable to sleep at night. Dealing with jet lag is especially important for business travelers, as they need to be as rested and alert as possible while conducting their business dealings.
  • Business travelers who have knowledge of their impending trip should try to adjust to the new time zone before leaving embarking on their travels. This may mean staying up later at night and sleeping in longer for a few days. Adjusting before travel is the easiest way to ensure a person is rested and refreshed while abroad.
  • As the body adjusts to the new time zone, it is important to stay hydrated. Formerly of DAI, Heather Rome makes sure to drink plenty of water when she travels internationally for business or leisure.

Heather Rome, Formerly of DAI, and Asian Business Etiquette

Throughout her lengthy international career with Development Alternatives Inc. (DAI) and beyond, professional Heather Rome has had the opportunity to conduct business in Asia on multiple occasions. Her short-term assignments in the continent have taught her that business dealings in China, for example, require a specific set of etiquette standards. For international business professionals who plan to work in China, the following facts should be understood.

Heather Rome DAI

  • When dressing for a business meeting in China, staying conservative is the key to not offending others. A person does not have to always wear formal attire, but business professional clothing is suggested. Women should refrain from showing too much skin, especially on the arms and legs. Men will find better acceptance if they wear business suits in dark colors.
  • There are many strict observances in China related to the business realm. However, Chinese professionals are aware of their cultural protocols and do not expect consummate perfection from outsiders. However, international business professionals who respect these customs and make an effort to implement them, even if they make a mistake, are often better received by the business community.
  • Personal relationships are important in the Chinese business culture. For someone who has never had business dealings in the country, being introduced through a mutual third party is very helpful. This provides the new business colleague a reference point via someone they already personally trust.
  • Lastly, Asian business practices are very fond of timely correspondence. To maintain a good working relationship with Asian businesses, make sure to correspond with them regularly. This level of cultural awareness and respect implemented during Heather Rome’s travels with DAI and beyond contributed to greater business success throughout Asia


Heather Rome, Formerly of DAI – Implementing Positivity

Heather Rome, formerly of DAI (Development Alternatives Inc.), is an experienced business professional who has traveled and worked across the globe. She leads a busy life and, with her oft-intensive positions with companies like DAI, Heather Rome maintains a positive, considerate personality in all of her business interactions.

Heather Rome DAI

Implementing positivity may seem challenging for a lot of people, but once you begin applying positivity to your life, it becomes hard to stop. Start applying tactics like those below to your professional life and you might see big changes take place:

  • Help Others – A positive approach in the workplace includes “being there” for your coworkers and helping them when possible. Even though you have your own tasks that need completing, helping others learn and complete their tasks can be rewarding. It also raises office morale and provides you with a good reputation.
  • Take Breaks – Professionals who take short breaks every hour or two are generally more productive than those who do not. The key is to exercise time management so you maximize efficiency. Step away from your desk to stretch or do something that uses the other side of your brain and you’ll likely notice your stress decrease and your productivity increase.

Heather Rome, formerly of DAI, applies methods like these in her professional endeavors to help her and her colleagues stay positive, motivated and courteous at all times. You’ll likely find that some methods work better for you than others, but what’s important is to identify the methods that work best for you and practice them daily.


Heather Rome, Formerly of DAI – Healthy Office Lunch Ideas

Heather Rome, formerly of DAI (Development Alternatives Inc.), is an international professional with years of business experience. Though her work keeps her busy, she makes maintaining a healthy lifestyle a priority on par with her professional and familial duties. The reason professionals like Heather Rome are able to maintain healthy habits despite intensive positions with companies like DAI is because they plan ahead, prioritize and live mindfully.

Heather Rome DAI

One simple way that you can start applying similar principles to your own well-being is to bring healthy lunches with you to the office. Instead of grabbing fast food or candy for lunch, pack meals like these:

  • Pasta Salads – If packing a lettuce salad for lunch isn’t filling enough for you, opt for a pasta salad instead. Pasta salads present dozens of flavor and ingredient options and, if you use whole grain noodles, they contain enough fiber to help you feel full for hours. When you make pasta salads as work lunches, include a source of protein such as fresh dairy cheese, fresh vegetables, cooked pasta and light salad dressings for a complete tasty meal. You can make enough for a week if you batch cook your pasta salad over the weekend, making this dish as simple as a premade, commercial lunch.
  • Fruits and Vegetables – A fruit salad, chopped vegetables or a combination of chopped produce are all healthy lunch options for those who like to snack or who don’t want to feel heavy in the middle of the day. Fresh dairy cheese pairs well with fresh fruit. Like salads, fresh produce options are easy to make in batches, which means that they can be as simple as any other light lunch option.
  • Stir Fry – For those who prefer warm lunches, stir fry is often the best choice. You can use any combination of whole grains, lean proteins and fresh vegetables that you would like in a stir fry and reheat the meal at work. Stir fry is also a convenient batch-cooking option, allowing you to cook all of your week’s meals in a single day.
  • Whole Grain Sandwiches – Sandwiches are a classic lunch option for a reason, and there’s no reason why you can’t make your own instead of buying them at a deli. Purchase whole grain bread and your favorite sandwich fillings to stock your home pantry, and then bring baggies of the required ingredients to work. This allows you to assemble fresh sandwiches for lunch each day and spend a fraction of what they would cost at a deli.

Packing lunches like these can help you reduce stress, improve your health and have more energy for everything that you do. Even healthy minded professionals like Heather Rome DAI, working intensive positions like the one Rome held with DAI, deviate from healthy choices at times. So if you forget to pack a lunch one day or give in to the candy dish, it won’t ruin your healthy progress as long as you do better tomorrow.

Learning a Second Language Promoted by International Professional Heather Rome, Former Project Director of Operations at DAI

Heather Rome is an international business professional who has traveled extensively for Development Alternatives Inc. (DAI) and other organizations and encourages learning a second language. She herself is fluent in both Spanish and English and knows firsthand the benefits of being bilingual. With more than 7,000 languages worldwide, learning a second language offers multiple benefits, including increased business opportunities. For example, if you know the language of the country that you wish to visit, speaking the language could ease enhanced communication when conducting business. It could also contribute to more enjoyable leisure experiences by providing you the skills needed to readily converse with new acquaintances and learn unique insights about local sites and adventures.

Heather Rome DAI

Modern businesses are also increasingly internationally minded, and studies have found that some companies are more and more looking for bilingual employees, and are even likely to pay higher salaries for this added skill set. Accordingly, searching for jobs as a bilingual applicant can be more productive, especially if one is looking for a company that currently has or plans to have global business transactions.

Learning languages can also help strengthen one’s brain and improve creative thinking. Medical studies have even noted that people who learn at least one additional language tend to have healthier brains, better memories, and faster recall. Additionally, being bilingual is a useful skill with the benefits of lifelong application, as Heather Rome has met with success in her travels with all organizations, including Development Alternatives, Inc. (DAI), and applies her bilingual skills in professional business settings whenever possible.